About me

314709_2245597654281_349719791_n_face4I have been a student of the I-Ching for 25 years and an astrologer for a similar amount of time. I am also an avid reader of the New Scientist. I work as a coach and trainer in Leadership and emotional intelligence.   I am interested in understanding the universe and sharing insights with others who have a similar interest.


4 responses to “About me

  1. I have known Chrissy for 34 years -( since i was 16) – served a long apprentaship with her studying the i ching and astrology, reading castanada and generally learning to observe the universe around me by observing peoples behaviours – I am currently writing a book on mental health (my own story being the central theme ) My main interest is learning more emotional intelligence – i think it’s a Phd that takes a lifetime to master and that i am ready to come out and sit in the master classes!

  2. come to think of it – we must know each other methinks ……

  3. Wonderful blog. After being an astologer for 40 years, I learned something, which always delights me.

  4. Hi lovely boy – what else can I say? These blogs are so good. I Ching likes my birds and it told Tamara not to put her geraniums out yet last week. Thing is to understand what really matters. Right now it’s little fluttery things and geraniums. How’s the tree house?

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