Cosmic Mind

This is a post to share thoughts and insights on life.  I am new to blogging so don’t know how this will work but I am currently doing distracting activities as a creative way to give my mind time to contemplate a piece of work on change that I should be getting on with!  I am assuming that my subconscious is not ready yet or at least needs time.  Since I am an advocate of wu wei (not doing) this is part of my not doing for today and I am going to do it with no expectations and see what transpires.

A short interlude as I received a text, one of which was from my bank and what has transpired is that we have spent a huge amount of money in just 2 weeks.  I can’t help noticing that Life seems to have it’s own agenda when it comes to money.  It always ensures it flows out and if you try too hard to accumulate or hoard it, it finds ways to ensure it is spent.  You never seem to have it as such, it is a flow.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take responsibility for your actions but like most other areas of life, it is not worth kidding yourself that you are in control of it.  It clearly belongs to the universe which is deciding how much you should have.


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