A short tale of synchronicity

Whilst in Prague recently I was talking to the managing partner for one of the european regions at one of my main clients.  She was interested in being coached by me and I had agreed to send her a document that we had been discussing on the five drivers from Transactional Analysis (Be Strong, Be Perfect, Try Hard, Hurry Up and Please).  Yesterday evening I sent this through to her.  At the same time, I sent a document on how to consult the I-Ching to another client whom I had been working with the day before.  In general, whilst I use astrology and the I-Ching regularly with my clients I am very careful about how open I am in terms of my approach.  I recognise that such things as Astrology and I-Ching are taboo in society and in business.  Whilst I receive little opposition to them, indeed most people are very receptive, I am careful to wait and see if the conditions are right to be open in using them with my coachees.  Some I use them openly with, others are completely unaware that I use them.  I also like to give the I-Ching space to decide who it wants to work with.  It was with something of a slight gut wrenching shock that I received an email from this managing partner to say that she had opened up the document that I sent but it seemed to be the wrong one.  I was bemused, I could not remember attaching anything in my email late last night, so I assumed it must have been that my logo had come across as an attachment.  When I checked, I realised that on automatic pilot and without the awareness of my conscious mind, I had sent her the guide to using the I Ching as well as sending it to my other client.  I hurriedly sent her the right attachment and hoped that the guide to the I-Ching had made little sense and she had not thought much of it.  I was therefore intrigued to find a second email from her telling me that she had consulted the I-Ching when a teenager about her decision to apply to University and that her sister had been involved with eastern religions for some forty years and it had had a very formative impact on her teenage years.  I realised that everything was being arranged beautifully with the complete lack of awareness of my conscious mind.  Indeed, it was interesting that I had been particularly careful not to disclose my use of the I-Ching with coaching clients in this managing partner’s region so that my cover would not be blown.  This experience was particularly apposite for me, as my work seemed to have been hitting a point where a number of things were falling away.  Instead of becoming fearful and panicking, I had been practicing waiting to see where Life was going to direct me next and holding back from fear and the temptation to push.  As usual, it came from a place I was not expecting and where I had been avoiding disclosing my approach.


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